We provide various engineering and environmental study services that are completed by professional experts from multi disciplines. Our service specialties are recovery and remediation of contaminated land study, landfill engineering design, and scientific studies on hazardous waste.

The scope of our engineering and environmental studies services includes:

a) Contaminated Land Recovery and Remediation Study
b) Detail Engineering Design of Secure Landfill
c) Detail Engineering Design of Wastewate Plant
d) Supervision of Landfill Construction
e) Geotechnical and Hydrogeology Study for Landfill and Mining Purposes
f) Geoelectrical Measurement
g) 100-year Flood Study
h) Minerals and Coal Exploration Study
i) Mining and Industry Feasibility Study
j) River Diversion Technical Study
k) Reclamation and Post-Mining Plan
l) Landfill Closure Plan
m) Processing Engineering
n) Other Engineering Consultancy